Quick Videos – CD 2.1

If the video is blurry please click the “HD” at the bottom of the panel to enable HD quality.

Here you can find short (<10 minutes), topic specific videos on specific features within Compound Discoverer. These videos include specific node-based descriptions, quick starts for making a new study or analysis, and tips for using the review pane. Videos with links are live and more will be added.

If you would like help on how to download Compound Discoverer from Flexnet, click here.

For new users, the “Getting Started” videos will give you a great overview of Compound Discoverer 2.1 while the Example Dataset videos will take you through the different examples showing how the Study was designed, how the Workflow was created, and how the Results can be investigated.

More videos will be added soon. Many of the Compound Discoverer 2.0 videos remain applicable to CD 2.1 and will be useful as well.

Getting Started

Workflow Videos

For higher quality when viewing the video in full screen mode (the button on the lower right of the video), depending on your browser and plug-ins, you may either:

  • Select the “HD” option in the lower right corner.
  • Right click and download (save) the video.

CD 2.1 Basics
A high level overview of the design and features of Compound Discoverer 2.1. Useful for new users or people who want a quick refresher on the main parts of the program.

Creating a New Study with the Study Wizard
Steps you through the New Study and Analysis Wizard which will help you create a new Study and also the first Analysis in that Study. Also introduces some of the new features in CD 2.1.

Workflow Basics
A more detailed discussion on how a Workflow is created in CD 2.1. A Workflow is the method for data processing in Compound Discoverer.

CD 2.1 E&L Example Study
This video walks through the example E&L study, workflow, important node settings, result review and reporting.

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