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Compound Discoverer Users Meeting and Node Workshop on June 2nd at ASMS 2018

The Compound Discoverer User Meeting and Node Workshop at ASMS 2018 will be on Saturday, June 2nd. More details including registration page will come later. Please note: the node workshop is for developers and by invite only! Thank you for your interest!

Compound Discoverer at ASMS 2018

We’re happy to announce that we will again be hosting a pair of day long training events at ASMS 2018. These two parallel sessions will allow attendees to learn more about Compound Discoverer.  Watch here for more on how to register for one of the sessions as we get closer to ASMS

– The Compound Discoverer Team

Thermo Scientific Compound Discoverer Software Users’ Meeting
Discover powerful new features in Compound Discoverer 3.0 software.  Hear from distinguished guest speakers who will discuss their experiences with Compound Discoverer software.  Get training on using the tools in Compound Discoverer for advanced workflows in a wide range of applications.

Thermo Scientific Compound Discoverer and Proteome Discoverer Software Node Development Workshop
This is a great opportunity to learn how to create your own processing nodes for use in the Discoverer platform.  Meet our software developers and get your most vexing questions answered in a day long developer workshop.


Service Pack (SP1) Released for Compound Discoverer 2.1!

For current Compound Discoverer 2.1 users:
To download the service pack, log into Flexera and download the service pack and installation instructions from TMO-Prospects account | Demo | Compound Discoverer 2.1 SP1 Upgrade From 2.1.

For current Compound Discoverer 2.0 users:
The electronic upgrade to Compound Discoverer 2.1 SP1 is free! Log into Flexera and download 2.1 SP1 from TMO-Prospects account | Demo | Compound Discoverer 2.1 SP1 Demo and Upgrade From 2.0.

For current Compound Discoverer 1.0 users:
Contact your Thermo sales person to purchase the Compound Discoverer 2.1 SP1 Upgrade From 1.0. To try out the 2.1 SP1 demo version for 60 days, use the instructions for new users below.

For new users:
To download the Compound Discoverer 2.1 SP1 Demo (CD 2.1 SP1 Demo), go to the Thermo Scientific Software Portal (Flexera) and download it from the “Compound Discoverer 2.1 SP1 Demo and Upgrade From 2.0” folder. Use the instructions for CD 2.1 SP1 Demo.

Click here for full instructions.

mzCloud in Compound Discoverer 2.1


Compound Discoverer now supports batch searching against the mzCloudTM spectral library ( including spectral similarity searching in version 2.1! Increase the structure information available for structure interpretation of previously unidentified compounds.

Click here for more.

Three New Tutorial Quick Videos Are Available For Viewing

Three new tutorial quick video have been added:
1. Use Custom Explanations to elucidate structure and run FISh Scoring on the fly for expected or unknown compounds.
2. How to correlate specialized traces (UV, PDA, analog traces or pattern traces) to MS peaks.
3. How to report manual peaks with correlated MS peaks.

New Tutorial Quick Video on “How to copy a structure from Related Structures table and save as .mol file”.

New tutorial quick video is now available on how to copy a structure from Related Structures table and save as a .mol file.

New Tutorial Quick Video on Data Processing nodes

View the new tutorial quick video on Data Processing nodes including the Mass Defect Filter node and Retention Time Aligner node.

New Resources Page

New Resources page where you can download or view scientific posters, application notes and presentations highlighting the use of Compound Discoverer for various small molecule research applications.

New Tutorial Video on Connection to mzCloud

View the new quick tutorial video on how to copy a spectrum in Compound Discoverer and paste into mzCloud for compound ID.

New tutorial video on the example study

View the new tutorial video on the example study. The example study is located on the Compound Discoverer 1.0 software media. This video will walk you through setting up study, setting up a node based processing workflow, running analysis on a sample group, results review and generating report.