Second Compound Discoverer™ Webinar Series 2021

Dear Orbitrap users,
We are running a new series of webinars to familiarize our user-base with more functions in Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Compound Discoverer™ software.
The sessions will vary in topics and suitability to your level of experience. You are welcome to register, and forward to your colleagues, in any or all of the sessions below.
Each session is described briefly here and in detail in the registration link. You may directly register via the link provided for each session. You need to fill a short registration form for each session, but you can save your answers and spare a few clicks if you intend to register for more than one session.
The series will be presented by Elizabeth Crawford, Vincent Jespers and Anas Kamleh.

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    Does this series also being offered in the US?


    • Ralf Tautenhahn

      This webinar series is currently only offered for Europe. However the recordings will be available shortly after the presentation on the same website that is linked above.


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