BioCyc – Biological pathway mapping in Compound Discoverer

BioCyc has recently gained popularity as an excellent pathway mapping tool. The database accommodates metabolic networks for ~ 20,000 sequenced organisms across 3,105 pathways, and ~ 19,000 metabolites. Its superior informatics functions allow zoomable pathway diagrams featuring chemical structures and offer the key capability of overlaying user-obtained OMICS study results (e.g., fold change, peak area, or stable isotope labeling data) onto organism-specific metabolic pathways, producing data-oriented pathway representation and leading the way to successful biological interpretations.

Many academic organizations have institutional subscriptions  and BioCyc offers a free trial period for all Thermo Fisher Scientific users as well as a 20% discount for a one-year subscription. For more information, please visit

Attached is a tutorial showing you how to work with the BioCyc Pathways mapping feature in Compound Discoverer 3.3 service pack 2 (SP2) application.

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