mzCloud in Compound Discoverer 2.1


Compound Discoverer now supports batch searching against the mzCloudTM spectral library ( including spectral similarity searching in version 2.1! Increase the structure information available for structure interpretation of previously unidentified compounds.

mzCloud is a unique, highly curated, chemically diverse accurate mass MS/MS and MSn library developed in collaboration with HighChemTM which offers an unprecedented level of fragmentation information on each compound with between 10-1,000 spectra or more under multiple different energy levels and fragmentation techniques.  This depth of information provides new opportunities beyond identifying compounds including the ability to optimize an analysis by studying the different energy levels presented, and new compounds are added to the library every week.


Compound Discoverer 2.1 with mzCloud is a significant advance in the challenge of compound identification in multiple diverse applications and will only continue to improve as we develop Compound Discoverer further and grow the library even more.

About Tim Stratton

Graduate of the University of Minnesota (Chemistry), I went to work in the Pharmaceutical field initially in regulated analysis for pharmaceutical manufacturing including quality control, method and instrument validation and qualification. My career in Pharma extended for about 12 years covering all aspects from early DMPK through clinical trials and post market (Phase IV) research but my specialty has always been small molecule structure identification. My career covered both large and small Pharma companies including Abbott Laboratories (now Abbvie), Sunesis, and ChemoCentryx. At Thermo my current role is as the Manager for Library Technologies with a focus on small molecule qualitative analysis.

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